Falcon Pipes: Channelizing water, enriching life

Founded by Mr. Dheeraj Lal Suvagiya, FALCON PIPES PVT LTD is a renowned name in the Indian pipe industry. In our journey so far, we have worked towards creating new benchmark of excellence in the pipe industry. Delivering better value in segments like agriculture, water technology and management and others we upgraded our products from plastic column pipe to include world class HDPE pipes. With research and innovation, we are continuously raising the bar of excellence and delivering better value.

Our quest for quality has always been the bedrock of our excellence. With our engineering excellence and eye for innovation, we have charted a distinct course and are surging ahead from our contemporaries. By delivering better product, backing it incessantly with excellent after sales services, we are enhancing customer satisfaction.

With a robust marketing network spanning national and international boundaries, we are constantly pushing our reach and horizons of excellence.

Product Offerings:

  • Falcon Riser Pipe
  • Falcon Drop Pipe
  • Falcon Column Pipe
  • Falcon HDPE Pipe


  • Water For Submersible And Jet Pump For Irrigation, Domestic , Industrial Mining and Chemical Distribution.
  • A good Substitute for MS, ERW, GI & SS Column Pipes.
  • Does Not React With Acidic Or Alkaline Water So, Where Higher Depth & Higher TDS Water It Perform Greatly.


  • Long Life.
  • Light In Weight
  • Power & Energy Saver.
  • Rigid With High Impact Resistance.
  • No Rusting , Corrosion Or Deterioration.
  • Easy Installation &Low Cost Maintenance.
  • 10% To 30% Extra Water Discharge Compare To GI & SS Pipes.
  • Cost Saver Than GI & SS Pipes.
  • 100% Leak Proof " O " Ring & " Step " Ring Used For Joints & Also Absorb Jerks When The Pump Is Switched On Or Off.
  • Minimum Water Loss Due To Glossy Inner Surface.
  • Hi – Tensile.
  • Non – Corrosive.

Customer care no: 1800 123 0000