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Micro PVC Column Pipes

  • Available in size 33mm,42mm,48mm,60mm,63mm,75mm,,88mm,113mm
  • Maximum installation depth 370meter
  • Maximum ambient temperature 70 celsius.
  • Installation Vertical,horizontal and inclined.

Types and Color Code

  • Medium Class(Green color):For Well With Depth Up to 106 meter.
  • Standerd Class(Red color):For Well With Depth Up to 160 meter
  • Heavy Class(Blue color):For Well With Depth Up to 260 meter
  • Super Heavy Class(Black color):For Well With Depth Up to 370 meter

Fitting Part

  • Bottom and Top Adaptor set easy fitment with pipe and pumps.adaptor are in two class one is GI Adaptor Set & another is S.S adaptor set.
  • Adaptor stud & flange with S.S. Nut Bolts

Size Available

  • 32mm ,42mm ,48mm ,60mm ,63mm , 75mm ,88mm ,113mm
  • Maximum Installation Depth 370 mtr.
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature 70 Celsius.
  • Installation Vertical , Horizontal or Inclined.


  • Medium Class :- For Well With Depth Up to 100 meter.
  • Standard Class :- For Well With Depth Up to 180 meter.
  • Heavy Class : For Well With Depth Up to 280 meter.
  • Super Heavy Class :- For Well Depth Up to 370 meter.


  • Water For Submersible And Jet Pump For Irrigation , Domestic , Industrial Mining And Chemical Distribution.
  • A good Substitute for MS , ERW , GI , HDPE & SS Column Pipes.
  • Do Not React With Acidic Or Alkaline Water So, Where Higher Depth & Higher TDS Water It Perform Greatly.

Advantage of Falcon Riser / Drop / Column Pipe.

  • Long Life.
  • Light In Weight.
  • Power & Energy Saver.
  • Rigid With High Impact Resistance.
  • No Rusting , Corrosion Or Deterioration.
  • Easy Installation &Low Cost Maintenance.
  • 10% To 30% Extra Water Discharge Compare To GI & SS Pipes.
  • Cost Saver Than GI & SS Pipes.
  • 100% Leak Proof "O" Ring & " Step " Ring Used For Joints & Also Absorb Jerks When The Pump Is Switched On Or Off.
  • Minimum Water Loss Due To Glossy Inner Surface.
  • Hi-Tensile.
  • Non-Corrosive.

Advantage of Falcon Riser / Drop / Column Pipe.

  • SQUARE THREAD:Specially Designed Square Thread Ensure Perfect Gripping & No Chance of Slipping. Because of High Friction Thread It's Not Open Even On Constant Forward & Reverse Torque Generated By Starting & Stopping The Pump. They Are Made On Specially CNC Machine With High Accuracy Tools To Ensure Perfect Dimension And Good & Easy Fitment.
  • LEAK PROOF RUBBER RING:We Have Use "O" Ring Which Is Provided Outer Side Off Pipe & "STEP" Ring Which Is Provided In The Coupler Side of The Pipe. It Works On Pipes As Axial & Radial Locking. Which Ensures A 100% Leak Proof Joint.
  • BI-AXIAL ORIENTATION:We Have Developed A Unique Bi-Axial Orientation Technique Used During Pipe Extrusion Which Give Higher Drop Impact Strength To The Pipes.
  • THICK-THIN PROCESS: This Innovation Techniques For Making Pipe Thicker In The Threading End & Thinner In Barrel End. Because of Threading On Both Side of Pipe Material Remove Due To Thread Process. The Residual Thickness In The End Part After Removal of Thread Is The Same As Barrel Thickness Therefore The Pipe Strength Remain The Same.
  • SPECIAL FORMULATION:A Proper Combination of Perfect uPVC Is Made With Specially Designed Formulation of Resin,Heat Stabilizer,Lubricants,Processing Aids, Impact Modifier & Essential Additives. All Ingredients & Process Parameters Taken In The Correct Proportion & Result Into Increased Impact & Tensile Strength.So That Pipe Are Ready To Absorb Both Internal Hydrostatic Pressure As Well As Vertical Tensile Load On the Pipes Due To The Column Water And Pump Weight Special Raw Material Are Used And Processed With The latest Indo-German Extrusion Technology To Make This Pipes.
  • DUAL FUNCTION VERTICALLY & RADIALLY:Falcon Riser Pipes Have A Dual Function To Perform. One Hand It Absorb 35kg Hydro Static Water Pressure& The Top Most Pipes Bears The Load of Entire Column Filled Water & Pump Which May Range Up to 2 Metric Tones. This Dual Type of Loading Application Make This Product Unique & Requires Special Manufacturing Techniques Which Are Available Only With Us.

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