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Product Details
  • Name:  SWR Pipes & Fittings
  • Category:  Residential
  • Type:  Type A & Type B
  • Size:   63mm to 160mm

Product Description

Category:  Selfit SWR Pipes / Ringfit SWR Pipes

Falcon SWR systems are synonymous with unrivaled strength and performance, as well as a high degree of dimensional precision that assures maximum quality. The joints are guaranteed to be completely leak-proof. Falcon SWR pipes and fittings are particularly developed and produced using high-grade raw materials, making them a suitable alternative for effective waste disposal in the drainage system. Because it is lightweight, inexpensive, non-corrosive, and UV-stabilised, the Falcon SWR pipe system is an excellent substitute for CI and GI piping systems. It is resistant to severe temperatures and has a smooth inner surface to minimize clogging. Falcon manufactures these products in accordance with IS 13592 & IS 14735.