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Product Details
  • Name:  uPVC Plumbing Pipes & Fittings ( Aqua Troops)
  • Category:  Residential
  • Type:  SCH 40 & SCH 80
  • Size:   15 mm to 50 mm

Product Description

Falcon Aqua Troops uPVC lead-free plumbing pipes and fittings are the most appropriate, simple, and cost-effective option for potable water transportation and distribution. The system is simple to install and operationally best suited for plumbing applications such as down-take and up-take lines, terrace looping, and concealed pipe work in any structure or construction. Falcon Aqua Troops uPVC pipes and fittings offer a value-added, long-term plumbing solution to the building sector. Falcon Aqua Troops uPVC pipes and fittings Systems are appropriate for cold water pipes in individual residences, businesses, and residential complexes. Falcon Aqua Troops uPVC pipes and fittings are self-extinguishing, and 100% lead-free. Falcon manufactures these products in accordance with ASTM 1785 & ASTM 2467.