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Product Details
  • Name:  uPVC Column Pipes
  • Category:  Agriculture
  • Type:  Bell type / Socket type
  • Size:   33 mm to 165 mm
  • Nominal pressure:  8kg/ cm2 to 40kg/cm2

Product Description

Category:              Eco medium duty

Medium duty

Standard duty

Heavy duty

Super heavy duty

For superior strength and higher pressure sustain capacity, Falcon uses world-class raw materials and the latest extrusion techniques. Our special formulation ensures that Falcon column pipes can withstand up to 1200 feet in depth and can handle up to 40 kg/cm² pressure. We use special rubber rings to protect against water leakage. For higher mechanical strength, we use biaxial-oriented technology, which ensures weight-carrying capacity and higher water pressure.These pipes are lead-free, long-lasting, and robust. They do not corrode, decay, or wear out over time. Because of its capacity to tolerate significant movement and bending, uPVC column pipe is also increasingly being employed in earthquake-prone locations. It can resist the earth's tremors without being damaged. The smooth surface of the pipe is also resistant to bacterial contamination.