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Product Details
  • Name:  HDPE Pipes
  • Category:  Agriculture
  • Type:  sprinklers, drip irrigation
  • Size:   32 mm to 200 mm
  • Nominal pressure:  PN4 to PN28

Product Description


Falcon HDPE pipes are manufactured from world-class HDPE raw materials. Falcon has mastered the extrusion and co-extrusion of PE pipes using cutting-edge machinery and top-tier equipment to guarantee quality and adherence to tight requirements.Falcon HDPE Pipes are particularly helpful in urban and rural locations for water supply, bore wells, sprinklers, lift irrigation, drip irrigation, pesticide distribution, cable ducting, sewage and drainage, natural and other gases, and so on. They are also used for conveying and flowing liquids and semi-liquids such as acids, alkalis, and other corrosive chemicals in the chemical and processing industries, telecommunications, vegetable oils, fruit juices, dairy products, and other liquids and semi-liquids.Falcon HDPE pipes are available in coil form and cut lengths. Falcon manufactures these pipes in accordance with IS 4984.