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Product Details
  • Name:  PVC-U Casing Pipes
  • Category:  Agriculture
  • Type:  Casing shallow well (CS) Casing medium well (CM) Casing deep well (CD)
  • Size:   100 mm to 300 mm

Product Description

Category: Plain pipes, Slotted pipes, Ribbed pipes

The most extensively used method of providing people with water nowadays is through boreholes. Falcon Pipes specializes in manufacturing high-quality PVC-U Casing pipes designed specifically for the protection of boreholes. Falcon PVC-U casing pipes have successfully and efficiently replaced traditional metal pipeline materials because they are more durable, non-corrosive, and affordable. Falcon manufactures these pipes in accordance with IS 12818.

  • Casing shallow well pipes are suitable for up to an 80-meter bore depth.
  • Casing medium well pipes are suitable for up to a 250-meter bore depth.
  • Casing deep well pipes are suitable for up to a 450-meter bore depth.