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Product Details
  • Name:  PVC Agri. Pipes
  • Category:  Agriculture
  • Type:  Selfit PVC Pipes / Ringfit PVC Pipes
  • Size:   32 mm to 315 mm
  • Nominal pressure:  0.25 MPa to 0.8 MPa

Product Description


Class 1 (0.25 MPa)

Class 2 (0.4 MPa)

Class 3 (0.6 MPa)

Class 4 (0.8 MPa)

Falcon provides the widest range of PVC agricultural pipes and fittings. Falcon Agriculture PVC pipes and fittings are made particularly for a wide range of pressure and gravity flow applications in irrigation, home water supply, and food and beverage production. When compared to many metallic materials used for similar purposes, Falcon PVC products are lighter, easier to handle, and have lower chemical reactivity. They also have a higher cost-to-service life ratio. Falcon manufactures these pipes in accordance with IS 4985.